The tickets issued are NOT REFUNDABLE, ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE, ARE NOT ENDORSABLE, any change generates penalty and / or rate difference. The change with any airline must be made at the destination, only 30 days before the travel date indicated on your return, if the change is not made on time you lose the ticket in its entirety.

Baggage policies are subject to change, only the airline determines how much weight should be carried according to the travel season, (please check each airline’s website and print a copy to take the day of your trip).

As a travel wholesaler, we declare that we act as an intermediary between the passengers and operators of the services provided, both air and ground, taking responsibility for the fulfillment of the services mentioned in each program, but declining all responsibility for delays, strikes, earthquakes , hurricanes, avalanches or other causes of force majeure, as well as any loss, damage, accident or irregularity that could occur to passengers and their belongings, when they are motivated by third parties, and therefore outside the Travel Agency. We are also exempt from any damage due to modification or delay in air travel that is included in the different programs since these do not depend on us.

ACCOMMODATION SYSTEMS AND FAMILY PLAN: In Europe, South America and Japan it is common for hotels to have one bed per person (except for marriages), with a maximum allowed of 3 people per room. In these establishments, children under 12 years of age and over 4 years old pay – except for a few exceptions – the same as an adult. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Far East (except Japan) and South Pacific, it is usual for hotels to have two double beds and allow accommodation of up to 4 people, in existing beds. In the case of marriages they usually grant rooms with a king size bed. The hotels that apply a family plan, allow two children under 12 years old to stay without additional charge, with two adults in the same room, using existing beds. If additional bed is required, the amount of the same must be paid directly by “the customer” to the hotel.

THE PROGRAMS INCLUDE: a) Accommodation in the hotels indicated or of similar category and price, as confirmed before departure and as they appear on the vouchers or other travel documents that are delivered “to the customer”; b) lodging taxes that are created at the time of printing the manual, excluding some lower municipal fees that cannot be paid by the organizer; c) the meals indicated in the itinerary text, always based on fixed menus, not a la carte; d) the transfers, visits and excursions mentioned; e) the land, air or sea transportation detailed; f) accompanying guide. It should be noted that in the packages in which it is indicated that mail guide is included “according to general conditions”, it is always that the number of participants is greater than 30 people. In the case that the group was formed by a smaller number of participants, an expert driver-guide is used during the self-driving tours plus local guides for the included visits; g) any other service expressly indicated.

CHANGE OF ITINERARY AND HOTELS: The organizer may, for reasons of force majeure (strike, weather events, terrorist acts, unforeseen political events), fortuitous or security case, modify both the itinerary and the hotels for others of similar category and comfort, as well as the departure time of the trips, previous communication to “the client”. If a confirmed hotel is supervening, “the customer” will be staying in a hotel of similar or superior category.

AIR PASSAGES IN PACKAGES: The air tickets included in the tour packages are valid for travel on the dates for which they have been confirmed and are indicated in their issuance. Once issued, air tickets are non-refundable if the trip is not made on the scheduled dates. Some airlines, at certain times of the year, authorize changes of dates before starting the trip, prior to paying a penalty. In the case of delays due to force majeure, the intervening airline acts in accordance with these regulations, granting in replacement of the accommodation that the client ceases to receive abroad, the meals and the necessary accommodation until he can transport it to his destination. “The client” must have insurance to cover the expenses that arise from any cancellation of flights due to weather conditions.

SCHEDULES OF ENTRY AND DEPARTURE IN THE HOTELS: The rooms are delivered, normally, from noon (some hotels have as entrance hours at 3.00 p.m.). If passengers arrive before the scheduled time, the delivery of the rooms is subject to the availability of space and the policy of each hotel. On the day of departure the rooms are also paid until noon, so, in case “the client” wishes to stay longer in the room, he must notify the hotel reception and make the corresponding arrangement. “The client” must take into account that, if a prior arrangement is not made, staying in your room beyond the regular departure time implies the automatic charge of an extra amount.

TRANSFERS: If passengers arrive on a different flight or more than one hour late on schedule, they must go on their own to the confirmed hotel, without the right to reimbursement for the transfer paid from the country of arrival. It includes, in the price of transfers, the transport of 1 suitcase of normal size plus a handbag, per person. If there is additional luggage that does not fit in the vehicle assigned for the transfer, “the customer” must pay the supplement for transportation in an additional vehicle.

TIPPING: Those programs that include tips to porters in hotels and airports have special mention in this regard. For groups, tips for luggage in hotels are included for 1 bag per person, unless otherwise indicated; not so in airports since most of them do not have this service because they have been replaced by carts. Tips to drivers and guides are not included and it is normal to give them when the service has been according to expectations. It is use and custom, before a good service, an amount of approximately 5 DOLLAR per person and per day for both the accompanying guide and the driver and 2 DOLLAR for the local guides.

DOCUMENTATION: The client is solely responsible for their documentation. It must be provided with a valid passport and the required visas according to the chosen itinerary. When applicable, you must have the necessary vaccines and health permits. Failure to comply with these requirements by “the customer” will result in the loss of the right to any refund and to suffer the consequences of its omission. The same happens when the authorities of any country refuse to allow their entry for any reason. All users, without exception (children included), must have their corresponding personal and family documentation in accordance with the laws of the country or countries visited. It will be on their behalf, when travel so requires, obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. If the granting of visas is rejected, due to the user’s particular causes, or being refused entry into the country due to lack of

Requirements that are demanded, or by default in the required documentation, or because they are not a carrier of the same, the agency declines all responsibility for events of this nature, being for the client any expense that arises.

In tourism plans and / or programs, in case of not receiving the deposit on the stipulated date, reservations will be CANCELED AUTOMATICALLY, cancellations that are not made prior to the date of the trip have a penalty. No name changes are allowed after services are issued.

Minors require permission to leave the country (even if they travel with the parents, or with one of the two) such permission must be signed and authenticated by both parents, accompanied by authenticated photocopy of the signatory of the signers, and civil registration of the child’s birth.

Remember that all rates or quotes and confirmations are subject to change and availability without prior notice until the time of booking, and confirmation by the airline or tour operator, therefore it must be treated as a preliminary data and must be subject to The mentioned policies.

According to the policies of SAGITRAVEL, our sales staff is obliged to inform and provide advice so that your trip is as pleasant as possible and that no unforeseen event affects its continuity. After the above mentioned by the sales staff, I record that I have been informed about the general conditions of the contract with SAGITRAVEL and also that during this trip I exonerate to this company / Wholesaler of all responsibility for location and compensation due to lost luggage, medical assistance, medications, laboratory tests, x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, emergency transfers due to illness or accident, repatriation of intensive care, emergency dental care, transfer of a relative if necessary, pre-existing illnesses, illness mental, payment of air fare difference due to medical disability or death of a family member, assistance in case of loss of tickets or documents.

SAGITRAVEL is governed by the rules of embassies to process visas according to the time suggested by them for said procedure, therefore the company is not responsible for delays caused by them or for expenses incurred in the event of a visa being denied. In case of visa denial, for the destinations of the world, the payment made by the client will NOT be returned

In the event that the passenger buys the tickets online, they must carry the original card with which they made the payment for any destination, and thus avoid any inconvenience in the destination by the airline. SAGITRAVEL is not responsible for tickets or any other service that the client there performed on their own.

For the reservation of any SAGITRAVEL product a deposit of USD 500 is required, which are NOT refundable under any circumstances. This deposit is used to turn operators and issue internal flights thus guaranteeing the reservation.


  • From 30 to 20 days before the trip, 10% of the total value of the plan is retained.
  • From 19 to 15 days before the trip 25% of the total value of the plan is retained.
  • From 14 to 10 days before the trip 50% of the total value of the plan is retained.
  • From 09 a day of the trip 100% of the total value of the plan is retained.

Total deposits and cancellations of any plan should only be made in our registered bank accounts by means of transfer and / or consignments in local currency or dollars or in the cashier directly at the offices of SAGITRAVEL, the receipt will be sent via scanner to the respective travel agency and at the end of the total payment invoice will be prepared in the name of the agency.